We tackle life.

We tackle life.

We tackle life.We tackle life.We tackle life.

The best part about doing this podcast is hearing how it has inspired others. The opportunity we have been given to bless others through this platform is one that we treasure and hope we will continue to have for many years.

Joe in Nashville

"Hey Guys, I really enjoy the podcast. I loved listening to you guys during my lunch break way back when I lived in Columbus. I've been listening to the podcast since the beginning. With the earlier episodes I would stop the podcast after the Buckeye Talk. However, since I really enjoy how you guys interact with each other, I started listening all the way till the end, including the faith segment.

Before I started listening I guess you could call me a "lapsed Christian", but after listening to your faith section I started to pray again and start slowly to get back to God.

Last week I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I'll win this battle. I just want to thank you guys so much for helping me to start to rebuild my relationship with Christ. Because believe me, it is helping me so much to deal with this cancer.

Chris quoted a verse from Samuel that went something like this, "God will use what is meant to destroy you to deliver you" Yes he will, and he has. Thanks Guys for getting me started. "

Brock from Galloway

"I’ve been listening to you guys since I was a teenager in high school all the way back to your days at the fan. My dad and I would listen everyday while we worked together for his painting business. I can still recall some of my favorite segments you guys did like it was yesterday...... My father became ill a few years back and had to retire and close his business. I was taking him to an appointment a few days ago and I plugged the podcast into the truck and we listened while we drove. I can’t express the nostalgia I felt and I know he felt as well as we got to listen to you guys together again. I’m almost 30 now and we enjoyed it just as much as before. Just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate what you do to help get me through my work weeks!"